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Should I Rent A Dumpster And Storage Container Together?

Posted by John Ferracuti

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May 29, 2015 11:53:00 AM

rent-dumpster-storage-container-newPeanut butter and jelly. Dogs with bones. The pool on a hot day. All of these things were made for each other.

But one perfect pair you might not immediately think about is a storage container and a dumpster rental.

When you move, you’ll have stacks of things you want to take with you like furniture, appliances and personal items. But you’ll also have plenty of things you want to throw out, including leftover boxes, trash, old clothes and clutter.

By pairing a storage container with one of our dumpster rentals, you’ll be have a place to put both wanted and unwanted items during your move.

Here are three reasons you should use the two together.

Save Time and Energy

When you’re moving, your home can look like a war zone of boxes, tape and loose items. It can be a bit overwhelming, so reduce some of that stress by renting a storage container and a dumpster at the same time.

With both on your yard or driveway, you can carry all of your items out at once: both trash and keepers. Then just put your things in either the storage container or dumpster. That way you’ll be able to clear out your home at one time.

You’ll also be more likely to throw out items you don’t really need by having the dumpster there, limiting what you have to move into your new home.

Leave Home Spotless

dumpster rental and storage containers make the perfect pairAfter you’ve loaded all of your items into the storage container, you’re bound to find trash and other unwanted things around your home.

Instead of carrying and piling up bags of trash on the street, you can just throw all the items in the dumpster rental. But don’t put hazardous items like paint, tires or chemicals in the bin.

You want the house to be clutter free before the buyers have one last look at it during the final walk-through. Pairing a storage container and dumpster will help you do just that and reassure them that this is the house for them.

Get A Fresh Start

This pair is not only perfect for leaving your old home, but the two also come in handy when you move into your new one.

If you’re moving locally, you can have your bin transported to the new location for a small fee. With long-distance moves, you can rent a dumpster and have it there the day you arrive.

As you start to unload the storage container and unpack, you’re going to have mountains of boxes and trash to throw out — and that can go straight into the bin.

You’re bound to find things you didn’t really mean to take with you — or don’t have room for. So, instead of cluttering up your new home, toss them in the dumpster.

The dumpster rental can also hold materials from renovation projects — like carpet, drywall or bricks — you might want to finish in your new home before you move in.

So when you’re ready to move and have ordered a storage container, be sure to take advantage of all the benefits of renting a dumpster right alongside it.

Call your local franchise operator to schedule a time for them to drop off your bin.

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