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Why Rent A Dumpster? 25 Realistic Reasons

Posted by Luke Hancock

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Mar 29, 2016 4:03:06 PM

Wondering if you’ll ever need to rent a dumpster? Trust us — you will.

You might not realize it, but there are more than just a few reasons why homeowners need dumpsters.

Cleaning out the garage? Of course. Remodeling your kitchen? Yup. Are you skeptical there might be, say, 23 more reasons? Here you go:

25 Reasons To Rent A Dumpster


  1. You need to clean out your attic. When’s the last time you took stock of all the stuff up there? Clean out all the junk, and you might have room to create an actual cozy room up there.
  2. Your basement flooded. Sorry, but once carpeting, books and upholstery are saturated, mold sets in quickly. Better get it all out of there, and fast.
  3. You need a new roof. Lucky for you, you know your way around a roofing job. Now you need a place to throw all the old shingles.
  4. It’s time to clean out the basement. Nobody’s favorite chore, but with a dumpster parked conveniently in your driveway, tossing all that junk will be easy.
  5. You’re remodeling your kitchen. Finally! Say good-bye to your ugly backsplash tiles and outdated flooring. Into the dumpster it all goes.
  6. Bin There Dump That dumpsters come in a variety of convenient sizes to fit any space.Garage clean-up day. You know the only thing holding you back from buying that shiny red sports car is all the junk crowding your garage. Clean it all out, then hit the road with the top down.
  7. So much clutter has accumulated in your business, your employees drop bread crumbs to find their way out to the parking lot. Bread crumbs lure mice. Time to clear it all out.
  8. Bathroom remodel time. Don’t look too closely at the grunge when you tear out the old tile around your bathtub. Just pitch it.
  9. You’re expecting a baby. Congratulations! You know the baby will need a bedroom, right? Maybe that one at the top of the stairs where you’ve been piling junk for the past three years.
  10. Your oldest kid is moving back home. Um, congratulations? You know your kid will need a bedroom, right? See above.
  11. A huge wind storm hit your neighborhood, filling your yard with downed trees and debris. Go back three spaces. (Oops, wrong game.) Dial for a dumpster.
  12. You’re expecting long-time friends from out of state for a weeklong visit. You don’t want them to see how you’ve really been living, right? Time to clear out the junk.
  13. Your landscaping dreams are finally coming true. Goodbye, scrawny shrubs, cracked concrete patio, tumble-down shed. Hello, margaritas on your new multi-level deck.
  14. You’re moving, and you want a fresh new start. That means getting rid of a lot of old belongings.
  15. Bin There Dump That dumpster bins snug up conveniently in your driveway.An aging parent is moving in with you and needs a room. And you don’t want them tripping over all your stuff. Time to clear out.
  16. Spring cleaning time. The windows are open, a fresh breeze is blowing and you can’t wait to rid the house of anything old and grimy. (Your husband doesn’t count. He’s a keeper.)
  17. Your friend the pack rat has finally asked for help and needs you to help clear out. This is a huge job. Better opt for the largest dumpster.
  18. You bought a rental property and — whoa — you can’t believe all the junk the former residents left behind.
  19. You were old Uncle Harry’s favorite nephew, so he left you all his belongings. You loved Uncle Harry, but his stuff has to go. Maybe keep that old model ship in a bottle. That’s pretty cool.
  20. You got a great deal on a foreclosed property. Unfortunately, it came fully “furnished.” Dumpster — pronto.
  21. Your garage sale last weekend ... well, what’s the opposite of sell out? Time to say goodbye to everything you and your neighbors didn’t want.
  22. You can't stand your teenager's horrendous bedroom one more day. Make sure you don’t accidentally toss the teenager out with the junk. They tend to blend in.
  23. You’re in charge of clean-up at a construction site. Construction debris piles up quickly. Remember, Bin There Dump That operators can pair larger dumpsters together to accommodate 30 or 40 yards of material.
  24. You happen to have hundreds of colorful plastic balls and always wanted an adult-sized ball pit. No more getting yelled at for jumping in at the kiddy play spot.
  25. No matter where you try to sneak off for a few minutes of peace, your kids find you. With Bin There Dump That’s easy walk-in rear doors, you can easily carry in your lounge chair, a few magazines and some snacks. Aaaah…

Whatever The Reason, We’re Your Dumpster Rental Company

Now that you realize how many reasons you have for renting a dumpster, you better get busy. At least you know renting the bin is the easy part.

No matter what your project, Bin There Dump That has just the right size bin for the job. We offer 4-yard, 10-yard, 14-yard and 20-yard dumpster sizes. Not sure what size you need? Our friendly operators are happy to help you figure it out.

Our residential friendly bins snug up conveniently in your driveway, so you’ll only have to walk a few steps to load your unwanted items.

So many reasons. No excuses. Call a Bin There Dump That operator near you.

Find out EVERYTHING you need to know about renting a dumpster bin.

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