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7 Effective Tactics and Strategies for Effective Spring Cleaning

Posted by Emily Kil

Mar 15, 2019 8:37:45 AM

In many ways, spring is characterized as the time of year to start anew, the point on the calendar at which people make a truly fresh start. With the approach of springtime, you may be starting to think about undertaking a spring cleaning at your residence. If that is the case, you most definitely are not alone. As you contemplate embarking on a spring cleaning mission, there are seven tactics and strategies to bear in mind when it comes to that task and seven more over here.


Develop an Action Plan and Schedule

One of the most important elements of undertaking spring cleaning is also something that oftentimes is overlooked. You should start the spring cleaning process by developing an action plan or schedule for this important endeavor.

A spring cleaning action plan and schedule should be truly comprehensive. The spring cleaning plan and schedule should include a listing of those parts of your residence that require special attention. The schedule itself should set forth when you will be tackling spring cleaning in specific rooms in your residence and how long you anticipate working in particular area.

The establishment of milestones is helpful in keeping spring cleaning moving forward. In addition, they also will prove personally helpful to you. As you accomplish one milestone after another you begin to feel a sense of gratification in getting what can be a tough task completed.

Declutter Your Residence

A cluttered home can raise the stress level among those who reside in a residence. Many people note that they never fully feel comfortable in their homes when clutter has become an issue.

A major element of your spring cleaning should be taking on clutter wherever it can be found in your residence. You will want to take a look at every space in your residence to address clutter. This includes bedrooms, the kitchen, bathrooms, closets, the home office – everything.

As part of decluttering your home during spring cleaning, you need to make tough decisions about items that can be eliminated. This examination should include everything from paperwork to clothing.

Clean from Top to Bottom

There is one specific strategy that you should utilize consistently during your spring cleaning efforts. In each room of your residence, you should clean from top to bottom. By this it is meant that the most effective cleaning process starts from the ceiling and works downward to the floor.

By taking this approach you force dust and debris downward. As a consequence, you don’t have to expend unnecessary time going back and forth cleaning and re-cleaning.

Tend to the Carpet

A major focus of your spring cleaning efforts needs to be the carpeting in your residence. You have a number of options in this regard beyond just doing a thorough vacuuming of the carpet in your home.

First, you can elect to clean your carpet yourself. Second, you can retain the services of a professional to clean your carpet as part of your spring cleaning campaign.

If you elect to forgo cleaning your carpet in the spring, seriously consider using a high-quality HEPA vacuum. A HEPA vacuum will not only effectively eliminate dirt and dust from your carpet but it will also eradicate allergens and impurities. In the final analysis, you want to utilize equipment and products that ensure that your home’s environment is wholesome and healthy.

Go Green When You Spring Clean

If you are serious about reducing the contamination in the interior air in your home, consider going green when you spring clean. An important resource you can use when it comes to going green when spring cleaning is a steam cleaner. Through the use of a steam cleaner you can avoid chemicals that can have less than ideal aftereffects.

A steam cleaner can be invaluable when it comes to spring cleaning because it can tend to a considerable number of tasks. In addition to addressing your carpeting, a steam cleaner can assist in cleaning:

  • Kitchen appliances

  • Bathrooms

  • Tile floors

  • Wood floors

  • Laundry rooms

  • All other areas in a residence

Understanding that not everything in your home can be steam cleaned, there are other strategies you can employ when it comes to going green when you spring clean. There are cleaning products on the market today that are classified as eco-friendly. You will want to explore using these products as part of your spring cleaning efforts.

You can make your own eco-friendly cleaners as well. For example, you can combine white distilled vinegar and baking soda with water. This creates what is a highly versatile cleaner that you can use throughout your residence.


Clearing the Air

As part of your spring cleaning efforts, you will want to clear the air. At the heart of tending to the air in your home as part of your spring cleaning efforts is to replace all filters associated with HVAC system at your residence.

The spring is a good time to give serious consideration to investing in an air purifier. An air purifier can go far towards ensuring that the environment in your residence is a healthy and pleasant as possible.


Sanitize Sinks, Showers, Tubs, and Toilets

Although you should do this with regularity, spring cleaning time is an ideal opportunity to sanitize things in your home like sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets. There are EPA-approved products on the market that you can use to sanitize items in your residence. You can also make your own sanitizing agent through the use of hydrogen peroxide or bleach, depending on the element of your home at issue.  

A final thought on spring cleaning that you will want to bear in mind. This presentation began with a discussion of creating an action plan and schedule. Understand that you don’t need to compress the time period for spring cleaning. Create a schedule or use this one that allows you the ability to fully take on spring cleaning in a time frame that doesn’t unnecessarily cause you stress.


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