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Review: The 4 Best Interior Design Apps For Homeowners

Posted by John Ferracuti

Jun 24, 2015 11:29:48 AM

Designing a room can make a huge difference in your home — if you’re able to visualize what the new space could look like.

To figure out what you do and don’t like without needing to move or return things, turn to your mobile device.

Interior design apps can help you turn your ideas into reality, whether you’re starting from scratch or hoping to change up a room already full of items.

The next time you redesign a space, check out our picks for the best interior design apps for homeowners.

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Topics: Home Renovation

Review: The 4 Best Landscape Design Apps For Homeowners

Posted by John Ferracuti

Jun 18, 2015 11:18:05 AM

Your yard could use some sprucing up, from adding a flowerbed in the front to redesigning the layout in the back.

But it can be hard to envision what the space will look like with those changes.

Instead of digging in and hoping for the best, use a landscape design app to create a digital layout of the space to see what does and doesn’t work. Even if you’re planning to hire a professional, creating a basic design beforehand can make sure you two are on the same page.

Here are our picks for the best landscape design apps for homeowners — to help you with your next project.

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Topics: DIY Projects

The Bagster vs. Dumpster Rental — Which Should I Use?

Posted by John Ferracuti

Jun 10, 2015 3:06:30 PM

Paper or plastic? Dogs or cats? The correct answers depend on what you need, want or prefer.

Similarly, dumpsters and the Bagster also have their own sets of pros and cons. So before you use one or the other, make sure to do your homework to see which one is best for you and your project.

Here are five things to consider when it comes to choosing between Waste Management's (WM) Bagster vs. dumpster rental from a local provider like Bin There Dump That.

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Topics: Hiring A Dumpster Rental Company

Should I Rent A Dumpster And Storage Container At The Same Time?

Posted by John Ferracuti

May 29, 2015 11:53:00 AM

Peanut butter and jelly. Dogs with bones. The pool on a hot day. All of these things were made for each other.

But one perfect pair you might not immediately think about is a storage container and a dumpster rental.

When you move, you’ll have stacks of things you want to take with you like furniture, appliances and personal items. But you’ll also have plenty of things you want to throw out, including leftover boxes, trash, old clothes and clutter.

By pairing a storage container with one of our dumpster rentals, you’ll be have a place to put both wanted and unwanted items during your move.

Here are three reasons you should use the two together.

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Topics: Choosing a Dumpster

5 Reasons Why Renting a Dumpster Will Help You Sell Your House

Posted by Luke Hancock

May 18, 2015 3:11:00 PM

One of the most stressful life events a person can go through is moving. Not only do you have to worry about the logistics, packing and finding a new place to live, but you also have to sell your current home.

To make that process easier and quicker, here are five ways you can use a dumpster rental to sell your home.

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Topics: Relocation

4 Reasons to Share Your Dumpster Rental with Neighbors

Posted by Luke Hancock

May 15, 2015 3:33:00 PM

Since you were a child, you’ve been taught sharing is a good thing.

But most of the time, sharing doesn’t benefit you as much as it does the other person — especially when it’s your favorite snack, outfit or car they want.

That’s not the case with roll-off dumpster rentals, though, which is why we encourage our customers to share their bins with the people around them.

Here are four reasons you should share your dumpster rental with neighbors.

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Topics: DIY Projects, Hiring A Dumpster Rental Company

Local Trash Pickup Vs. Renting A Dumpster — What Makes Sense?

Posted by Luke Hancock

May 11, 2015 4:07:00 PM

You might think your local trash pickup and renting a dumpster are pretty similar.

It’s true they are both used for disposing of trash and unwanted items, but there are some major differences that set them apart from each other.

Here’s how trash pickup compares to renting a dumpster — plus when you should use each.

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4 Unexpected Indoor Home Renovation Projects Perfect for Spring

Posted by Luke Hancock

Apr 30, 2015 4:07:00 PM

The warmer weather can leave you itching to get outside to work on your landscape.

But there’s a lot you can — and should — do inside your home, too. There’s a reason it’s called spring cleaning: it’s the perfect time to complete all of your projects and make your home look its best.

Here are four indoor home renovation projects you should tackle this spring.

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Topics: DIY Projects, Organized Lifestyle

4 Reasons General Contractors Should Consider A Roll-Off Dumpster

Posted by Luke Hancock

Apr 27, 2015 4:08:00 PM

Working on a residential site has its own set of demands and requirements.

As the general contractor, you need to keep the site clean, have the right skills for the job, understand the space limitation and be reachable for clients.

Not only do homeowners expect all of that, but you should also look for the same things when choosing a dumpster rental company for the project.

Here are four reasons general contractors should consider using roll-off dumpster for residential projects.

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Topics: Hiring A Dumpster Rental Company, Organized Lifestyle

Can I Share My Dumpster Rental?

Posted by Luke Hancock

Apr 17, 2015 4:13:00 PM

Some things are made for sharing: a delicious dessert, a two-seater bike and even your dumpster rental.

If you need to rent a bin for a home or yard project, chances are your neighbors could use one, too. So why not get a dumpster you can all use?

Here are some tips for sharing your dumpster rental.

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Topics: Hiring A Dumpster Rental Company, Organized Lifestyle

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