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10 Sanitizing Tips To Prevent COVID-19 Spread In Your Home

Posted by Maricriz Rodriguez

Apr 8, 2020 10:06:23 AM

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect people around the world, we all have questions about how to stay safe. Social distancing is the most common measure people are taking, but many are understandably concerned about preventing the spread of COVID-19 through their homes. No matter how much we quarantine, everyone still has to go outside or interact with other people at some point to get supplies. Here are 10 tips that you and your loved ones can follow to help keep your home sanitized.


Clean Regularly

Use store-bought cleaning supplies to wipe down the surfaces in your home to prevent contamination and keep them clean. Homemade concoctions may not be as effective, so stock up on household cleaners whenever possible.

Use the Right Products

You’ll likewise want to use somewhat stronger chemicals that are capable of killing viruses—that is, disinfectants. Homemade cleansers often aren’t harsh enough to accomplish this, and with disinfecting products you may even be able to clean and kill viral bacteria at the same time. Two of the most popular options are disinfecting spray and wipes, which should do the job, but even just antibacterial detergent and water can be better than relying on a gentle homemade solution.

Disinfect Properly

So you have a disinfecting solution capable of eliminating COVID-19 bacteria, but are you using it correctly? Even if it is one of several EPA-approved products, not everyone applies them the right way. For many disinfecting products, whatever surface you spray needs to stay wet for at least a few minutes; this typically also requires it to be cleaned first. Staying wet for seconds instead of minutes will render it sanitized, not disinfected; while you don’t necessarily have to disinfect constantly if no one in your household has COVID-19, it’s still important to use the products as directed.

Target Frequently Used Surfaces

Have you considered the parts of your home that you touch the most? Doorknobs, remotes, keyboards, phones, and similar objects may need cleaning and disinfecting more often than other surfaces. Also be sure to pay special attention to the places multiple people use, like the bathroom and kitchen, as you clean.

Take Your Time
As previously mentioned, you’ll want to clean first and disinfect after the surface is dry. Also, if no one in your home has COVID-19, you don’t have to stress too much about serious cleaning—disinfecting once or twice a week should be enough. If someone does have COVID-19, you’ll want to shift to cleaning and disinfecting daily. Establishing a proper cleaning schedule can help with the process.

Care With Chemicals

While stronger chemicals are vital to warding off COVID-19 contamination, it’s well known that they may end up being hazardous waste. When you’re disinfecting with these chemicals, especially caustic ones like bleach, seriously consider using a mask and gloves with them like you would during a typical deep clean. Once you’ve finished, wash your hands and any affected areas on your body for at least 10 seconds to help reduce the risk of irritation. Change your mask and gloves frequently during the process to avoid cross-contamination.

Ventilate Properly

Whether it’s to “flush” any virus droplets in the air or prevent the scent of chemical solution from irritating your nose, make sure your home has good airflow and plenty of open space for ventilation. You don’t want to incur the problems that come with inhaling a lot of disinfecting products, so be careful when cleaning in small spaces or without a mask.

Mind Your Laundry

Don’t forget to mind the clothes and fabrics in your home! Wash them often and at the warmest settings they can handle; the same goes for drying, and be sure your clothing is totally dry when finished. Pay special attention to clothes you’ve worn in public, throwing them in the washer as soon as possible if you’ve gone somewhere that might have exposed you to the virus. 

Discourage Visitors

In line with practicing social distancing, you’ll want to limit home visitors who aren’t immediate family or required to be there. If someone does need to come over, make sure they remove their shoes and clean their hands regularly and thoroughly. Don’t forget to stay at least six feet away from them while they’re there, either.

Wash Your Hands

washing hands

This one is straightforward: wash your hands often. The CDC recommends washing with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. If you don’t have access to either, use hand sanitizer made with at least 60 percent alcohol and wash when you get the chance.

COVID-19 is both a serious and unsettling reality, but so long as you take care to clean and disinfect your home (alongside minding what goes in and out of it), it can remain safe. Whether you’re performing a thorough cleaning or just removing roomfuls of clutter, Bin There Dump That is with you during this time of crisis. Not only do we keep our vehicles, bins, and dumpsters completely clean, but we’re also dedicated to helping you do the same when you’re ready to move things out or around. Contact Bin There Dump That today to learn more about our services.

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