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4 Crucial Cleaning Tips for Deep Cleaning a Home Before Moving In

Posted by Hayden Stewart

Sep 28, 2018 9:15:00 AM

Moving from one home to another is a huge job. There is so much to do just to get your belongings from your old place to your new one. On top of the moving, you will have to make sure you leave your old place clean and spotless once you're out. Also, the previous tenants or owners of the home you are moving into were supposed to have the place clean, sanitized and ready for you to move in. However, how are you to know they did a good job? Do you want to risk it? 
Not everyone takes the time and care to clean a place up the way they are supposed to once they move their belongings out. This is why it is crucial for you to do a deep clean before you begin moving your own things in. The benefits to cleaning yourself before moving in are that it will be clean, sanitary and free of any contaminants that the previous people may have left. Below are some proper cleaning tips to perform before you move into any home that had previous tenants or owners. 


Start with the Refrigerator 

When you are getting your new place cleaned up and ready to move in, you should start with the kitchen. Begin by cleaning the refrigerator so that you can put your perishable food in first. Be sure there is no food or anything left in the fridge. Take out all of the shelves and drawers to clean with warm soap and water. This will help to clean and sanitize them before you put your own food inside. To clean the rest of the inside of the fridge, make a solution of one part water to one part vinegar. Use a clean rag to use the solution and wipe down the whole inside of the fridge. Once done, make sure you dry the solution up before putting back the shelves and drawers. 

Clean the Rest of Kitchen 

Once you have tackled the fridge, it is time to work on the rest of the kitchen. It is best to start up high and work your way down. Wipe out all cabinets and drawers with a sanitizing cleaner of your choice. Pay special attention to handles that could have lots of germs and bacteria on them. While all areas of the kitchen should be cleaned and sanitized, you should spend extra time on the counters. This is where you will be putting your food, plates and utensils while cooking. It should be extra clean and free of dirt, grime, dust and bacteria.  Cleaning Supplies

Tackle the Bathrooms 

Everyone hates cleaning bathrooms. But a lot of things happen in bathrooms that makes it necessary to clean. Use a bleach cleaner to scrub the toilet both inside and out. Also, be sure to clean the tub and shower while making sure to get in all nooks and crannies. Mold and mildew can easily grow in your shower and bathtub when not cleaned properly. Use some Windex or a vinegar solution to clean the mirrors and counters around the sink. 


Clean the Rest of the Space 

The kitchen and the bathrooms are the hardest to clean and the most important areas to ensure are sanitized. Once those are tackled, you can dust, vacuum and mop the rest of the home before moving your stuff inside. Don't forget to give a good shining to the inside of windows and a good dusting of any ceiling fans that you might have. 

As you can see, it is important to give your new home or apartment a good cleaning before moving your stuff in even if the previous owners or tenants did the job first. To keep your family safe, a good cleaning is essential to complete before you bring your stuff into your new home. You will be glad you did and feel great about starting with a clean slate.