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No Vacancy! 6 Items Too Big For Dumpster Rental

Posted by Luke Hancock

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Aug 31, 2015 9:49:25 AM

items-too-big-dumpster-rental-newWe all know a square-shaped object won’t fit in a round hole, no matter how hard you try. Similarly, there are some things that just won’t go into a dumpster rental.

Dumpsters range from 9 to 12 feet long and 5 1/2 to 8 feet wide, with 20-yard bins also available for large projects. If your items are larger than these parameters, they are not going to fit.

So, instead of (unsuccessfully) stuffing things like vehicles, play sets and storage units into a dumpster, you can try these ways of disposing large items.


You may think it’s obvious a car is too large to put in a dumpster rental, but trust me, we’ve seen it all. So when you have an old vehicle you’re ready to get rid of, try these methods, instead.

If the car is in working order, you can post a listing on classified sites like Craigslist. You can share photos, descriptions and even require the buyer to pick it up from your location.

Another option is to donate the car to a local group or foundation that will give the car to someone in need. They will pick the vehicle up from your residence for no charge, and you’ll also receive a tax deduction.

Even if your car is damaged and unusable, you might still be able to make some money off of it by selling it to your local junkyard. You’ll need the original car title and your driver’s license to make the sale. Once you find an interested junkyard, drive or tow the car to the location.

Recreational Vehicles

Cars aren’t the only types of vehicles you may want to throw out. There are also things like boats, ATVs, golf carts or four-wheelers, and those won’t fit in a dumpster.

If selling these vehicles online or in your local classified section doesn’t work, there are still some other options that can make you money.

Try contacting a local vocational school to see if they will take them as a donation. They may be able to restore the vehicle or boat, and that will also give you a tax deduction.

You can also reach out to your city hall to see if they have a contact or maybe even a budget for old boats or vehicles — it’s worth a call.

A yard or garage sale can be another good place to try and sell the recreational vehicles. Make sure you put them in the front of your sale since they are sure to catch drivers’ eyes and make them stop.

Storage Units

Screen_Shot_2015-08-30_at_2.04.24_PMDumpsters can hold a variety of materials and objects, but storage units aren’t one of those.

You won’t be able to fit large sheds, trailers or other types of storage bins in the dumpster. Instead, check with your local scrap yard to see if they will purchase them.

If you’re getting rid of the old unit for something new, see if the company you’re buying it from will give you trade-in value or just take it off of your hands for a small fee.


Most furniture and appliances will fit in the bin, but if you have something like a large sectional that doesn’t come apart, it might not.

After you’ve looked at the furniture’s parameters and realized it won’t fit in the dumpster, you still have several options to get rid of it.

With a yard sale, you’ll only have to move the furniture outside. You can also call a donation service to come pick up it up for free and get a tax deduction.

Children’s Play Set

Whether you moved to a house with one or your children have out grown it, you may want to get rid of your outdoor play set. These can include swings, slides, tree houses and other features.

Instead of trying to put this contraption in a dumpster, see if another neighbor would be interested in installing it in their yard. You will need a trailer or something large to transport the set from your home to theirs.

This is another item that would be good for a yard sale, but make sure you let the buyer know they are responsible for transporting the set.

If the play set is still in good shape, you could also check with local non-profits or schools to see if they want it.

Large Landscape Materials

BTDT dumpster rentals range from 9 to 12 feet long and 5 1/2 to 8 feet wide, with 20-yard bins also available for large projectsDumpsters are the perfect place to throw your dead or leftover landscape materials after a renovation, but you might have items that won’t fit, like large trees.

If you don’t chop up the trees, they probably won’t go in the dumpster. Go to your city’s site to see what services are available to remove cut trees from your property. They might provide a monthly pickup or be able to schedule a time for someone to come, possibly for a charge.

You can also recycle the tree by turning it into mulch, firewood, wood accents for inside your house or as a border around your plant beds.

What Can Fit In Dumpsters?

It’s a lot easier to say what might not fit in a dumpster than to mention everything that does, since that list is much longer.

You can put clothes, appliances, construction materials, clutter, boxes and basically anything else that will fit into the dumpster rental. You’ll just need to steer clear of putting things like tires, paint and other hazardous materials in the bin.

If you’re unsure about what will fit in a dumpster rental, call your local Bin There Dump That operator for help.

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