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6 Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Posted by Maricriz Rodriguez

Mar 23, 2020 11:36:16 PM

Living in a small apartment or home can have its advantages and disadvantages. For one, small apartments are usually located at prime locations of big cities, and they are also affordable; however, one place where small apartments are lacking is storage space.


Storage is an essential element of any home. Without proper storage, the house can get cluttered, which hurts the decor, and also makes it difficult to manage. However, having a small space doesn't mean that you can't have decent storage.

Therefore, in today's post, we are going to tell you about six of the most effective storage solutions for small spaces; so, keep reading to learn more.

Make the most of unused spaces:

In typical homes, there are a lot of small areas that remain unused; however, if you are living in a tiny apartment, you can't afford to let even the slightest area remain unused.

It would help if you started by creating drawers for storage under the bed, this is the perfect place to keep your clothes in a neat and organized manner while saving the space that would be used by a dresser. If you are looking to create storage space under your bed, you should check out the difference of foam vs spring mattress. Where spring mattresses are super comfortable, they do take some extra space.

Moreover, space on and behind the headboard of the bed also remains unused. This space can be used to store books, and a lot of other small stuff.

You should also create storage space on the door of your wardrobe. You can add some shelves, or hang some racks behind the door to create some much-needed storage space.

Create lots of vertical shelves:

vertical shelving to save space and storage solution

If you have a small apartment or home, you need to maximize the utilization of the vertical space. It would be best if you created a lot of vertical racks, which will allow you to use up as much space as you can on the walls.

For some extra storage, and utilization of vertical space in your room, and all around the home, You can also create some overhead cabinets, like the ones you would find in a kitchen.

You can also make some full shelves and stylish and elegant baskets on them for storage. Remember to label the baskets for convenience and organized storage.

Use collapsible furniture:

Collapsible furniture is one of the best friends in small spaces. By using smart and sleek, collapsible furniture pieces, like a murphy bed, you can save up a lot of space.

Other collapsible furniture pieces like chairs and tables take very little space when stored, and they can be instrumental as well on certain occasions.

Save space in the kitchen:

One of the parts of the homes where storage matters a lot is the kitchen. However, in most houses, there is a lot of potential storage space inside the kitchen that remains unused.

Firstly, you should start by creating some cabinets and drawers around the refrigerator, which is a space that is wasted in healthy homes. Secondly, you should add some hooks on the backsplash to hang spoons pots and utensils from, and lastly, one of the best ways to save space in the kitchen is to use a collapsible wooden table as a centre island.

It would help if you also created multiple shelves within your cabinets for some extra storage space.

Using spaces for multiple things for storage solutions

Save space in the bathrooms:

If you want to make the most of a small home, you need to incorporate storage into the bathrooms as well. One of the best ways to do so is to add a cabinet under the sink.

If you are making a cabinet under a sink, you will have to make a countertop on it as well, which can also be used for storage. Moreover, apply other concepts like making multiple vertical shelves in the bathroom as well.

Create a utility cabinet under the stairs:

If your home has multiple stories, then one of the best places to create a storage area is under the stairs. This awkward space can't be used for much, but if you turn it into a small utility cabinet, you can save a lot of space in your home.

To sum it all up, storage is a severe problem for people living in small homes and apartments. However, there are many natural solutions to this problem. In today's post, we have mentioned some of the most effective storage solutions that are perfect for small spaces. We hope that you found this post helpful and informative.



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