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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Smart Home: Trends & Benefits

Posted by Luke Hancock

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May 19, 2017 10:25:00 AM

It seems we're on an infographic kick. The infographic below is the 2nd published in consecutive weeks to this blog. Last week we examined your home renovation project journey from start to finish. This content comes from our friends at Alair Homes. 

What do you need to know about Smart Homes? What are the benefits? 

Here are a few items of interest. 

What Are People Upgrading?

  1. Security
  2. Entertainment
  3. Climate
  4. Lighting

It's no surprise that the most prioritized upgrade is security. The ability to guard your home from anywhere in the world is certainly comforting. 

It's an unseasonably hot 86 degrees today and the house was a suffocating 81 when I arrived home from work today. Certainly, having greater control on the climate of your home has significant benefits; a smart home would have been a boon for me today, as I work up a sweat typing this. 

Top 5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Home Technology

Here are a few reasons that intrigued me

  1. Security: Notify about gas or fire problems --- a smart home upgrade must seriously reduce the chances of unnecessary home fires.
  2. Entertainment: Improve resale of my home --- OK, I can get behind this! You mean, not only can I start Santa Clarita Diet in one room of the house and finish in another, but it will also improve the value of my home? I'm game!
  3. Climate: Reduce energy consumption --- this is becoming increasingly prevalent in 2017. Again it's another way to put money in your pocket.
  4. Lighting: Ability to change mood or vibe --- you want to turn the lights down low, pour yourself a drink and put on some Gary Clark Jr. on? I can get behind that. 

Thank you to Alair Homes for this wonderful content. Enjoy the infographic and let me know if you've upgraded to a smart home and find additional benefits to the upgrade or what may be holding you back from upgrading.  



Made by Alair Homes

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