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How to Protect Your Outdoor Kitchen from Bad Weather

Posted by Maricriz Rodriguez

May 4, 2021 11:55:00 AM

One of the most important things to take into consideration when it comes to owning an outdoor kitchen would be the question of: What on Earth to do when it starts raining cats and dogs, or there’s a sudden snowstorm, or birds do their Nummer Zwei from above? 

The idea of covering your outdoor kitchen area with some sort of covering that can withstand the tooth of time and other potential problems that come with having a working area that’s open and unprotected from the elements is a simple one – but it does the job! 

So, in this article, we’re about to present to you a couple of roofing options that can easily cover and enhance the look of your cooking and non-cooking-related assets that are sitting pretty in your backyard. Each of these suggestions has its own advantages, so sit tight and we’ll describe to you how to protect your precious outdoors-bound kitchen from every sort of menace Mother Nature can throw at it. 

Right then, without further ado, here’s the deal folks!


Representing a special type of garden structure well-known for its Italian style and elegance, Pergolas represent a type of roofing that can turn a barren backyard area into a well shaded and completely protected patch of land you’ll love to cook underneath! 

Pergolas are usually made out of wooden beams with plenty of vines and other plants to complete the look of a natural, almost ‘organic’ sort of structure that can support any sort of arrangement you set onto it. 

Depending on how much growth they have on top of them, pergolas can either provide protection against rain or only serve to protect against the sun. It depends on what sort of function you want them to do. 

Shade Sails 

If you like ships and sailing, a shade sail can be just what you’ve been looking for.

The idea behind is quite simple. A sail-like piece of waterproof cloth is spread around an area that will henceforth be well-covered and protected against sun, rain, and other elements. Thus hung, this structure will be sufficiently durable, well adjusted, and completely able to compete with other structures in this vein of work, so to speak. 

Just make sure that the supporting structure is strong enough and you can rest assured this thing will be able to survive a nuclear disaster. 

Copper Roof

Roofs made out of metal, in general, tend to be quite durable and do not require any major maintenance, really. 

About the only thing, you would need to take into consideration when it comes to these structures would be the projected heat, which can be quite intense in the middle of the day. Other than that, roofing structures made out of metal are well known and beloved for their durability, reliability, and the fact that they can be recycled after years ‘in service’! 

For those of you living in Australia, you can hire some copper roofing experts, who’ll know all there is to know about this line of work. 

Screened Porch

In case your outdoor kitchen is situated on your porch, you may want to opt for a screened porch solution. 

What ‘screened porch' stands for and does pretty much goes back to its name – it screens a certain part of your porch so that it can be free of scorching-hot sun, the torrential rains, and whatever else tends to fall from the skies in your backyard. 

When it comes to the structural soundness of such an option, you can rest assured that screened porches can be easily classified as some of the toughest and most durable outdoors roofing solutions, because they’re built in directly adjacent to the house itself! 

As they represent an extension of the house itself, they are quite unlikely to succumb to strong winds, or other sorts of violent outbursts of the temper of the Mother Nature, so to speak.


Similar to the aforementioned Italian Pergola, arbors are a type of structure made up of a bunch of wooden beams that have some overhanging growth on top of it. 

In fact, about the only difference between an arbor and an Italian style pergola would be the name and perhaps some style touches here and there. The goal with both of these structures is to create an overhead frame into which you can build in vines, flowers, or whatever it is you fancy keeping in there. 

All things considered, a well-made roofing structure that would overhang your outdoor kitchen is an absolute must. (Unless you fancy rain and bird droppings in your Ratatouille.) We hope you found this article helpful and wish you the best of luck with your roofing ventures!

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