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Overlooked Areas In Your Spring Clean

Posted by Maricriz Rodriguez

May 14, 2019 8:01:00 PM

The flowers are booming, the temperatures are beginning to rise and spring is entering its stride across the country. As we collectively begin to crack open our windows to let in May's refreshing breeze, millions will undertake the rite of passage known as "The Spring Clean". While we often think of dusting and vacuuming as integral parts of The Spring Clean, there are often many areas around the home that are overlooked. Here, we will discuss some forgotten areas of home cleaning and improvement, and offer some insights as to how to get your home looking its best - as well as disposing of waste responsibly!


The Initial Assessment

Whether you're a clean freak with an almost spotless home or a couch potato who has been hibernating for the winter, it's important to take stock of what's around your house. Go through each necessary room and thoroughly investigate its contents, and try to decide what is completely necessary. The process of decluttering can free up some additional space in any room and can also offer a sense of renewal mentally. It can serve as a physical act of letting go of things you no longer need. If you are cleaning out your closet or dresser, consider giving your used closet or dresser, consider giving your use clothes to a second-hand store, where they can start their next chapter with a new owner. Thrift stores such as the Salvation Army, will also accept your used couches and home furnishings, as well as used appliances and other home goods.

If your home furnishings are well past their heyday and ready to be "put out to pasture", be sure that you are disposing of them properly. It can be very helpful to rent a dumpster if you are undertaking a serious spring cleaning project, as it is convenient to have one large receptacle on-premises. However, there are many mistakes to avoid while using dumpsters, especially regarding improper disposal of hazardous materials. Home appliances that contain any batteries, motor oils, paints and old light bulbs are all toxic to the environment and cannot be thrown out with regular waste. Also, be sure to separate your trash from recyclables and double-check with your municipality for what can and cannot be recycled.

In The Bedroom


After decluttering, it's time to turn your direction indoors and get down to cleaning while we generally think of hitting our floors with a vigorous mopping, dusting our counter tops and the ever-glamorous toilet scrub as the ins-and-outs of the cleanse, there are many spots we tend to forget! One of the most notorious culprits is our mattress. Our mattresses break down over the years, and can, frankly, become gross. Although we wash and change our sheets regularly, mattresses themselves are rarely cleaned and can accumulate dust and debris. The older your mattress is, the more likely it is to be riddled with dust bunnies, allergens, and other undesirable elements. The spring clean can serve as a great time to give your mattress a deep scrub, or even upgrade to a brand new Casper mattress.

If you are like many Americans who are sensitive to allergens, you want to be sure you clean the bedroom very thoroughly. This includes dusting and vacuuming under the bed (especially if you have hardwood floors), inside the closet where your clothes are stored and even the upper corners where the walls meet the ceiling. By getting rid of dust and debris, you will breathe easier, and also give your space a better look.

In The Garage

The garage can serve as HQ for the majority of home improvement projects and maintenance, but can also accumulate plenty of junk in the winter. Whether you're using it is additional storage, a workshop, or to simply keep your vehicle clean and safe, you shouldn't neglect the garage! The best way to begin the process is to take everything out of the garage - we mean everything. When the space is empty, you can begin cleaning the floor and get rid of unsightly oil stains, as well as any dirt and grime that's accumulated. If you live in a snowy area of the country, you can take this opportunity to hose off the salt from the roads that's surely deposited! After the floors are clean, begin organizing your garage; focus on making a spot for everything - you're going to want to know exactly where the WD-40 or metric sockets are when you need them!

During your garage cleaning, you can also take the time to examine your outdoor power equipment. Spring usually marks the first start of the season for mowers, so fire it up and give it a listen. Is it a chugging or sputtering? Or will it even start? There are several surefire tips to make sure your motor is working, but one of the most important (and sometimes overlooked) things is to change your mower's oil. As with any vehicle, it is very important to dispose of the oil properly - never dump it in the soil, sewer, or down the drain. Automotive retailers around the country will accept used motor oil and recycle it properly. Once you've got the garage organized and your power equipment running, you're off to the races.

In The Kitchen

apartment-cabinet-contemporary-2062426Kitchens are notorious for having the potential to be either the cleanest or dirtiest part of the home. If you're an active cook, chances are there's been some sort of spillage of ingredients, crumbs in hard to reach places and some stubborn stains. Bu focusing on cleaning your kitchen top to bottom, you can achieve Food Network-level cleanliness (but it may take a while to cook at the level). The refrigerator is a great place to start. Toss any expired foods or condiments. After pulling the food, scrub the interior of your refrigerator and watch the grime disappear. After sanitizing the fridge, move to the interior of your cupboards and give them the same treatment. Work around the baseboards as you mop, and focus on the perimeter of your oven as well; debris can become nestled in those areas and become a desirable habitat for critters! By keeping a clean kitchen, you will enjoy your space even more and have a great spot to hose your guests.

Spring cleaning can sometimes be daunting, especially if your place has gone without a deep clean for the winter. By breaking down the tasks one by one and making a list, you can alleviate the stress that may come with the spring cleaning ritual! Focusing on often-neglected areas of the home can improve the efficacy of your clean, and leave you with a fresh new space to enjoy the coming months.

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