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How to Create a Functional Minimalist Living Space

Posted by Luke Hancock

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Apr 27, 2021 8:15:00 AM

Living a minimalist lifestyle comes with a lot of benefits. Ridding your space of clutter can help reduce distractions, and staying organized makes it easier to find things when you’re in a hurry. If you’re working from home, creating a minimalist living space can even help increase your focus and boost productivity. 


Fortunately, introducing minimalism into your home doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re interested in learning more about the process, read on or skip to the infographic below to learn how to create a minimalist living space that works for you. 

Set a Goal for Yourself 

The first step to creating a minimalist living space is deciding how far you want to go. While some people choose to get rid of most of their belongings and relocate to a smaller unit, others simply declutter their current space and reorganize their belongings. It’s important to outline your goals ahead of time and talk to the people you live with when forming a plan. That way, you will avoid making quick decisions you might regret later. 

Reduce and Simplify Furniture 

Furniture takes up a lot of space and can make your home look cluttered if you aren’t careful. Instead of filling your living room or home office with big, bulky furniture, opt for smaller pieces that can serve more than one purpose. Solid-colored furniture covers can also help make pieces with intricate patterns feel less busy. 

Declutter and Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

You don’t have to sell everything you own to live a minimalist lifestyle. However, it is a good idea to get rid of items you never use. When deciding what to get rid of and what to keep, try asking yourself the following questions: 


  • Does this item bring me joy or have sentimental value?
  • Do I have any duplicates? 
  • Is it serving a purpose?


As long as you are honest with yourself, these questions will make decluttering your home feel less overwhelming. 

Optimize Storage Space 

Adequate storage space is a must-have, especially if you decide to keep most of your belongings. Instead of filling your space with boxes or tubs, try adding shelves to your closets or buy drawers and cubbies that fit underneath your bed. Invisible storage methods like these give you a place to put extra items without taking up any visible space. 

Invest in Dual-Purpose Items

Items that serve multiple purposes are your best friend when looking to downsize. When shopping for furniture, look for pieces that double as storage spaces or convert into something else. You can also apply this concept to your kitchen by purchasing versatile appliances and cookware. For example, swapping out your slow cooker and pressure cooker for an Instant Pot can save precious counter space if you have a small kitchen. 


Creating a minimalist living space can take some time and effort, but it pays off in the long run. If you are ready to dive into a minimalist lifestyle, check out the infographic below for more minimalist living tips


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How to Create a Minimalist Living Space

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