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6 Home Improvement Hacks Inspired By Netflix Shows

Posted by Maricriz Rodriguez

Mar 9, 2021 9:44:54 AM

With most people spending more time at home than usual, you may be noticing how essential functionality is in your space. Home improvement and decluttering are the key to creating a productive space and comfortable quality of life. Check out these six organization and home improvement hacks inspired by your favorite Netflix shows for improvements to make in every room!

6 Home Improvement Hacks Inspired By Netflix Shows

Organization Hack #1

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit taught us that organizing is all about creating productive systems. You can do this by grouping items in categories of how and when they’re used. Try this out in your garage by sorting based on function or organize your pantry shelves based on breakfast, lunch, and dinner items.

Organization Hack #2

Another great Netflix organizing inspiration is Marie Kondo! Her famous KonMari method dictates that every item you own should have a home and that it should also spark joy! If an item doesn’t have a home, it’s probably time to throw it out. The process of decluttering can help reduce anxiety and re-energize you. Put the KonMari method to work in your closet or in your bathroom cabinets!

Organization Hack #3

No matter how big or small your home, maximize your square footage by taking advantage of vertical storage space. Add shelves, hooks or pegboards to store items you would otherwise put on top of furniture. Now you will have more surface space to be productive with work or hobbies. Find the ultimate vertical space inspiration, watch Tiny House Nation starring John Weisbarth and Zach Giffin.

Home Improvement Hack #1

The bathroom is where we spend most of our time, second only to our bedrooms. Invest in remodeling your bathroom and redesign it with inviting, spa-like features. You will get so much value out of a space specifically meant for relaxation, and it doesn’t hurt that it will add value to your home too. For beautiful bathroom ideas, we recommend watching Selling Sunset.

Home Improvement Hack #2

When you’re cooped up at home all the time, it’s important to make use of your windows. Whether they’re on the wall or in the roof, make sure you open them up and let an abundance of fresh air and light. Exposure to natural light improves your mood, combats seasonal affective disorder, and fosters overall health and happiness. The Netflix show, Grand Designs, often features wonderful window architecture that will inspire you to embrace the light.

Home Improvement Hack #3

Staring at the same old poster above your desk or tired of that one art print in the background of all your Zoom meetings? It’s time to throw out with the old and bring in the new. Go for texture with woven tapestries or add a more personal touch with a meaningful piece of art. Art benefits you by stimulating positive feelings and reducing stress, so feel free to switch it up as often as you like! Queer Eye on Netflix often has great home transformations and decor if you need inspiration.

These are just a few of the many home improvement hacks you can use to refresh your space. Spicing up your surroundings and organizing your belongings can have a significant impact on your daily routine and contribute to a better environment for work and life. Remember that if you are doing a massive clearout or need to toss big items, that you can rent a residential dumpster to help you get the job done!

For more inspiration from Netflix’s home design and organization stars, scroll through the infographic from The Zebra below!




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