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5 Things To Get Dad for Father's Day

Posted by Jacqueline Petitjean

Jun 11, 2020 12:31:15 AM

Getting something for Father’s Day is hard but you don’t have to stress any further, we’ve collected 5 creative ideas that Dad will love. Some of these ideas even require some quality time with spent with Dad. There’s something on the list below for every Dad, whether he likes using tools, golfing, or has had a chore on his list for a while. 

fathers-day-2020-canadaRent a Bin

Getting Dad a dumpster rental is one of the greatest gifts. Whether Dad has been wanting to clean out the garage or the shed, a dumpster rental will make this task so much easier. The dumpster rental gives Dad a centralized spot to toss all the unwanted items or junk. The best part is that when Dad is done, Bin There Dump That’s delivery experts will take it to the landfill. Dad won’t have to worry about a thing, just enjoying his clean and decluttered space

Golf Supplies and Tools

golf supplies for father's day

Right now during this time, tools and golf supplies could either be bought online or in store. If you don’t have the funds for a brand new golf club - you can always grab golf related items for his mancave, such as DIY Golf bookends. It would be a personal touch and a reminder every time he sees his bookshelf.

Another great idea is to get tools - some tools are quite expensive but you could always grab an inexpensive one that’s always needed such as a hammer and add a personal touch. A hammer is a fun canvas for the little ones or for anybody that likes to draw and be creative.

This is two of nine gift ideas from Mommy Enterprises! We love these ideas and definitely suggest you check out the other seven.

Make His Favourite Meals and Be His Personal Chef

We know a good hearty meal and a go-to for many is the perfect medium-rare steak. If you cook it on an iron skillet, a grill, an air fryer, or your oven, it is almost guaranteed that if it’s cooked perfectly, then anybody and everybody and especially your father will enjoy it.

After cooking steaks on an iron skillet or grill forever, we suggest trying this recipe by My Forking Life that uses an air fryer. The grill isn’t always available because sometimes Mother Nature is not on our side. A delicious and hearty meal in less than 40 minutes. This recipe includes a tasty garlic butter.

If you’re trying to cut down on the red meat, we found another air fryer recipe for a crispy fried fish meal! We all know that air fryers use the least amount of oil, and fish is one of the healthiest proteins: one plus one equals crispy air fryer fish.

Check out the recipes here:

  1. Perfect Air Fryer Steak
  2. Crispy Air Fryer Fish

A Basket of All of his Favourite Things

There are some generic and staple items that you’ll have to include in your gift basket. The first item that you’ll have to purchase is a basket, whether it be a wicker basket or a metal one, a basket is definitely needed for a gift basket.

Another staple item is a coffee cup - one that’s personalized for the ‘number one dad’ in the world. Lipstick and Brunch has created a how-to gift basket for a working father. Read it for some ideas!

We obviously don’t know the favourites in your family but some favourites you can include are:

  1. Beers
  2. Magazines
  3. Socks 
  4. Gift cards

gift basket for father's day 2020

Make Him A Scavenger Hunt

Being active and taking advantage of the great outdoors and the weather beats being inside watching television all day. If you’d like to place a few things, do so beforehand and make sure that the weather will be fine throughout the day. If not, that’s okay too!

Make sure that you’re printing a list of things to find and maybe some clues if you hid it really well! Also, once you find everything, make sure that there’s a sweet reward at the end. Either one of the gifts we’ve already listed or something else like a dessert bar. Your dad deserves it! If you’re participating in the scavenger hunt, then guess what, you deserve it too!

Read this blog on Is She Really for a step-by-step guide on how to plan a summer scavenger hunt - and it includes a printable scavenger hunt checklist.