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4 Places You Should NOT Place Your Dumpster Rental

Posted by Luke Hancock

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May 29, 2020 9:00:00 AM

You’ve rolled up your sleeves. Your somewhat unreliable brother-in-law just pulled up — on time — ready to help. In just a few short hours, that cluttered basement of yours will be empty and unbelievably spacious.

But you know what would really help? Getting your dumpster as close as possible to the door you’ll be going in and out of the most this morning. Luckily, roll-off dumpsters like those from Bin There Dump That can — and have — fit just about anywhere.

While driveways are an obvious choice for where most residential roll-off dumpsters are placed, there are, however, some places your dumpster rental should just not go. Here’s a closer look at five spots around your home that you might want to think twice about before placing the dumpster.

Slanted Driveways and Sloped Surfaces

bin there dump that dumpster on slanted drivewayIt’s all fine and dandy to put an empty bin on a slope, but things can change quickly once you start loading it up with junk. As the dumpster takes on more and more weight from whatever you’re tossing in it, the potential of the dumpster sliding or skating down a slope increases.

This is particularly important to keep in mind during winter, early spring or late fall conditions when the threat of frost and freezing is present.

A lot of our roofing customers have experienced skating on a slanted driveway. Think about all the roofing materials and scrap getting tossed into a dumpster rental from the roof — that slamming and compacting action onto the bin actually can cause it to skate right down into the street.

That said, sloped surfaces aren’t entirely off limits and getting a second opinion from your local Bin There Dump That franchise operator is a great idea. Thanks to our residential-friendly roll-off dumpsters, our Delivery Experts are more than willing to work with your slanted driveway — positioning the dumpster in a secure and easily accessible location.

You won't have as much luck with other dumpster companies that utilize a tri-axle truck and cable pulley lift for their dumpster rental system. They simply cannot maneuver on a slanted driveway.

Someone Else’s Property

How would you like it if your neighbor rented a dumpster and its placement ended up on your side of the property line? Potential property damage aside, now you have a bin placed partially or wholly on your property but you have no control over what’s going in it. Bad idea.

If something hazardous or harmful happens to that bin, who’s responsible for it? Here on out, always make sure your dumpster rental is well within your property lines.

City Streets

In many municipalities across the United States and Canada, you can have a bin placed on a city street for no more than 24 hours. Typically, anything longer than that and you’ll need to go to your city hall to get a permit — which is not very expensive.  The permit then needs to be displayed on the outside of the bin.  

It’s common for customers to have a job or project over the weekend. When that’s the case, getting a permit from city hall on the weekend isn’t always possible. If you absolutely must have it on the street, talk to your neighbors. Tell them what you’re doing and let them know it’s your bin. Ask them if they have a problem with it being on the street. if they don’t, you should be just fine.

The only time a customer really runs into an issue with having their dumpster rental on the street is when a neighbor calls the local police over to check on a bin because they weren’t given a heads up on it.

Soft Ground

Do you know what’s underground — just a few feet below your manicured lawn and landscape? Not many of us do. For starters, if you have an irrigation system, keep it top of mind when your dumpster is delivered. Hidden sprinkler heads, underground plumbing and controllers could be an expensive and soggy problem if damaged.

The location of an underground septic tank on your property — even within city limits — is another thing you need to be vigilant about. If that caved in under a bin … yikes!

In Your Garagebin there dump that bin in garage

Bin There Dump That pride ourselves on being able to fit our bins in the tightest of spaces; no space is a tighter squeeze than rolling the dumpster into your garage, but it's certainly not the easiest request to fulfill. 

This requires absolute precision from our Dumpster Delivery Experts and we recommend you only ask Bin There Dump That for placing a dumpster in your garage. Getting the other guys to do it with their equipment will either a) be impossible or b) result in damaged property. Consult with our Dumpster Consultants and Delivery Experts to see if it's the right request for your needs. 

Getting Started

Have you considered a roll-off dumpster rental? Every home renovation project requires a dumpster bin. Start spring off on good footing — and the right surface — by having a Bin There Dump That bin delivered by one of our courteous drivers. Find the franchise operator nearest you.

Find out EVERYTHING you need to know about renting a dumpster bin.

Image: Dumpster on slanted driveway

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