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A Paint Colour Guide to the Bedroom

Posted by Maricriz Rodriguez

Apr 6, 2021 11:42:00 AM

Unsure what colour to paint your bedroom? That’s why we’ve drawn up this handy guide to help you out.

It takes a while to get used to the fact that there are certain rules when it comes to painting. That’s not to say you can’t paint the walls of any room the colour of your dreams, but each colour can bring about a different feeling. 

For example, most people veer towards warm colours for their living rooms and pale, greenish palettes for their bathroom. But what about the bedroom? As the place where we rest our heads at night and wake up to each morning, a pop of red isn’t going to be an ideal fit for everyone.

Luckily, the bedroom might be the most adaptive room in the house. After all, it’s yours and yours alone. All you need to do is ask yourself what you want to feel when you enter the room, then pick a colour that represents that.

For a Relaxing Night’s Sleep?

Depending on whether you’re a pastel person or an earthy person, the best kind of mellow evening comes from colours that make you feel calm. If you have trouble sleeping, you’re not going to want a splash of mustard or orange in the vicinity. Instead, go for cooler colours; ones that make you feel ready to jump into bed for the night.

  • Pastels like lavenders, lemons, soft pinks, or even blues help to create a serene atmosphere.
  • Earthy beiges, browns of various shades that aren’t too dark are naturally calming.

For a Bright Pop of colour to Wake You Up?

It might sound counter-intuitive, but if you’re lucky enough to have no problems getting to sleep, going the bright, full-colour route might be the best way to go about painting your bedroom. Think about what colours make you feel like you’re ready to take on the world. 

  • Spring greens and turquoises might be more often seen in the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of bounds for the bedroom. These shades can mimic a bright, Spring sky or a clear blue, Caribbean sea.
  • Reds, oranges, and yellows are also great fall colours for the bedroom. After all, you don’t have to pick one colour and never change it. You can switch it around as quickly as the seasons come and go. These also work really well during the dark winter days to provide both comfort and essential aids for getting out of bed.

For a Classic, Neutral Siesta?

No matter your preference, you can rarely go wrong with a white bedroom. There are furniture and paint companies dedicated to white and white alone. There’s just something classic about it and fits as well during winter as it does in Spring. White is also great for if you don’t spend too much time in the bedroom or just use it to sleep. They’re cool, they’re calm, and they’re longing.

  • Whites, egg whites, and very very pale blues are always a safe choice for any room in the house, but especially the bedroom. They also work with every colour, meaning there’s nothing stopping you from having one bright yellow wall and the rest white - it’ll even make your bedroom look bigger.
  • If you have a lot of natural light in your room, you might even think about contemplating blacks or slate greys. Mixed with white sheets and a light carpet, these deeper monotones can’t be replicated.

Extra Tips

  • Take a look around the web for some online room designers. You can punch in the details of your room and play around with what you like.
  • If you’re attached to your furniture, will the colours you’re thinking about complimenting them and vice versa? Think about that.
  • Don’t forget about space: Dark and bright paints will make your bedroom feel smaller than it is. Whites and pastels will do the opposite.

Remember: This is your bedroom, and it’s about you. What do you want from your bedroom? Relaxation, warmth, or more?

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