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14 Strategies and Tips to Bring or Restore Order to Your Home

Posted by Luke Hancock

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Mar 1, 2019 11:00:00 AM


Whether it be part of springtime cleaning, or an effort another time of year to bring order to your home, you may be looking for tips and strategies to better organize. There are 14 tips that you will want to seriously consider employing when it comes to bringing or restoring order to your home. Some of these suggestions may seem pretty simplistic. With that noted, you may not have thought of them or come to fully appreciate how something simple can be extremely helpful when it comes to residential organization.


Repurpose Bowls and Trays


If you are like more than a few people, part of the accumulated clutter in your residence consists of bowels, trays, and other dishes and types of dinnerware that you no longer use. You can actually turn that clutter into something useful by repurposing it. For example, you can use these items as a means of organizing drawers. As an aside, you will want to place a non-slip mat in the drawer ahead of the placement of these items to keep them in place.


Use a Muffin Tin for Tiny Items


Take advantage of a muffin tin as a means to sort smaller or tiny items. A muffin tin can be used as part of your drawer organization effort.


Learn to File Fold


Another strategy you can employ to bring order to your home is to learn what oftentimes is called file folding. The file fold process is folding items like towels upright rather than horizontal. This process permits you to better see what you have in the way of towels or similar items. This process can also assist you in saving space. Organized Closet


Add Towel Rack to Linen Closet


Adding a towel rack to a linen closet in your home can also assist in enhancing the overall order of your home. This can be accomplished simply with an over-the-door hanger device. You can stow extra tablecloths, other table linens, towels, washcloths, and similar items.


Use Color File Folders


Like most people, you likely have documents and papers of different types kept in traditional manila file folders. If you are also like many people, you spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find items kept in a manila folder. As part of your residential organizational effort, you can enhance the organization of important documents and related items by taking advantage of color file folders.


One In, One Out Rule


In addition to organizing items or objects, you can also implement organizational strategies. A strategy to contemplate incorporating into your like is sometimes called one in, one out. With this strategy, when you obtain a new item of some sort, you dispose of one in that same category. For example, if you buy a new shirt, you eliminate an old shirt from your closet or drawer.


Place Shower Items on Hooks


Place a second tension mounter shower rod in shower, near the wall. Onto this rod you can add an array of hanging hooks. On these individual hooks, you can attach many of the various products you use for bathing, hair care, and grooming.


Hang Pans and Pots


Most people use valuable cabinet or drawer space in the kitchen to stow pans and pots. You can enhance the amount of storage space you have in your kitchen by hanging pans and pots on hooks on the wall. You can take advantage of Command Hooks as an easy means of handing pans and pots and you won't damage the wall in the process.


Hang Towel Bar Over Kitchen Sink


Hang a towel bar over the kitchen sink. A towel bar in this location certainly can be used to hang towels. However, it can also be used as a location to conveniently stow other items like mugs or cups, measuring spoons, and other utensils.


Use Clear Canisters


Many a kitchen ends up cluttered with boxes containing an array of different items. Oftentimes, the items are not only taking up valuable cabinet space but come to dominate counter space as well. By using clear containers, you can better control how much space these items take up. You also have an added advantage of being able to see precisely what is contained in particular container.


Add a Cord Keeper to Countertop Appliances


Your countertops likely are home to a number of appliances that remain in place even when not in use. As a result, you may also face a web of cords here and there on your countertops. You can bring this under control and allow for more efficient use of countertop space by taking advantage of cord keepers. The typical cord keeper can simply be applied with its own adhesive strip to the back of an individual appliance.


Keep Yoga Mat and Similar Items Below Shelves


If you are a yoga enthusiast, or have items similar to a toga mat in your home, consider storing such items under shelving. Depending on the design of your shelves, you may be able to easily stow such items in a shelf bracket.


Stow Pet Food in Canisters


The typical pet owner deals with hard to store and manage bags that contain a furry friend's food. A better way of storing pat food is to place it into a wide mouth container or bin. You can even repurpose other items for pet food storage. For example, a used popcorn canister can be converted into an ideal storage container for pet food.


Take Advantage of the Garage Ceiling


The ceiling of a garage is wasted space. You can add sturdy hanging racks to a garage ceiling. This converts unused or wasted space into an area that is ideal for storing items of different types that you do not regularly use.


These strategies and tips can be an important, efficient element of an overall home organization effort. In addition to being solid means of bringing order to your home, the tips presented here are all perfect for a budget looking to bring order to a home on a budget.


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