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Here's How to Make Your Hardwood Flooring Installation A Success

Posted by Luke Hancock

Oct 3, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Hardwood floors can be the perfect addition to your living room, bedroom or even a basement. It catches the eye and conveys a timeless look that many homeowners and potential homeowners value. The good news is that it’s possible to tackle this project in your own.

But there are a few issues you need to consider in order to make your hardwood flooring installation a success. Here’s what you need to know.

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5 Ideas for Your Green Home Renovation

Posted by Luke Hancock

Sep 29, 2016 10:45:00 AM

 Do you want to go green?

Making green home renovations is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment for the long-term. Let’s take a look at five things that you can do to make your home a lot greener:

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What are 203K Loan Requirements for Homes and Renovations?

Posted by Luke Hancock

Sep 28, 2016 10:41:50 AM

It’s fall but there’s still time to get started on your home renovation project. Whether you are moving into a fixer-upper or just in need of renovations to your existing house, you might be wondering how you can finance all of these renovations.

Fortunately, if you reside in the United States, the Federal House Administration (FHA) has created the 203K loan program to help. See how you can meet the 203k loan requirements below.

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Need To Rent A Dumpster? These 4 Spring Home Projects Say You Do

Posted by Luke Hancock

Apr 1, 2016 9:27:23 AM

Ah, spring! That magical time of year when you spend your weekends strolling through fields of wildflowers, counting robins and splashing in puddles like a giddy toddler.

That was a nice daydream, wasn’t it?

The reality is, your house and yard are a mess, and there’ll be no puddle splashing until you tackle a few spring home projects. A sure sign of spring: a dumpster in your driveway. Here’s some inspiration:

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Why Rent A Dumpster? 25 Realistic Reasons

Posted by Luke Hancock

Mar 29, 2016 4:03:06 PM

Wondering if you’ll ever need to rent a dumpster? Trust us — you will.

You might not realize it, but there are more than just a few reasons why homeowners need dumpsters.

Cleaning out the garage? Of course. Remodeling your kitchen? Yup. Are you skeptical there might be, say, 23 more reasons? Here you go:

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Topics: Choosing a Dumpster

Bin There Dump That’s 2016 Garage Sale Pricing Guide

Posted by Luke Hancock

Mar 21, 2016 10:08:06 AM

It’s that time of year again — time to clear out all the useless junk in your house, spread it out in your driveway and make LOTS of money!

Just because you have no use for that crocheted fly swatter cover and set of Mickey Mouse cheese knives doesn’t mean they don’t hold great value for someone else. Right?

But the most confounding part of hosting a yard sale is the pricing. Price items too high and they won’t sell. Price them too low, and why go to all the trouble?

Experts in the yard sale experience tend to agree on basic prices for common items. Stick with the prices most people use, and your toddler’s shoes, paperback books and kitchen gadgets should go home with happy new owners.

The crocheted fly swatter cover might be a tougher sell. More on the “Free” pile later…

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Topics: Organized Lifestyle

5 Red Flags To Avoid When Renting A Dumpster

Posted by Luke Hancock

Mar 14, 2016 10:45:32 AM

Wouldn't it be great if every time you’re about to make a mistake, somebody jumped out with a big red flag and yelled, “Hold it right there!”

Life would be so much easier.

We can’t follow you around all the time (that would be creepy) but we’re happy to help you out in the dumpster rental department.

Here are five red flags to avoid when you’re considering a dumpster rental company.

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To Our Customers: 4 Big Takeaways From Our 2016 Franchise Conference

Posted by Luke Hancock

Mar 8, 2016 10:36:58 AM

A whole bunch of Bin There Dump That franchise operators, our leadership team and some dynamic speakers got together recently in Tampa, FL for the 2016 Bin There Dump That Franchise Conference.

What does that have to do with you?

Plenty, if you’re a homeowner or contractor who might ever need to rent a dumpster bin.

While these conferences are designed for Bin There Dump That franchise operators to help them run an even better business, there are a few interesting takeaways for our customers, too.

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Topics: Choosing a Dumpster

What Is The Best Way To Prioritize Home Improvement Projects?

Posted by Luke Hancock

Feb 26, 2016 12:03:52 PM

So you have a house full of projects to tackle and you don’t know what to do first. Or second. Or tenth.

Hmmm. Munch some chips and ponder. Hmmm. See what’s on TV while you ponder. Maybe looking through these magazines will spur some ideas while you ponder....

We’re here to give you some direction. Put those chips away and consider these tips to help you prioritize home improvement projects.

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Topics: DIY Projects, Home Renovation

Another Man's Treasure — 8 Garage Sale Tips And Tricks

Posted by Luke Hancock

Feb 18, 2016 12:59:05 PM

It’s almost garage sale season, when eager homeowners everywhere are convinced that SOMEBODY will pay good money (maybe two bucks!) for that toaster that sort of works and the clock that quacks like a duck every hour.

Let’s be optimistic and assume there’s a willing buyer for all your unwanted stuff. The next step is knowing what NOT to do when you launch your garage sale.

There’s more to this time-honored art than piling all your merchandise in the driveway and hoping for the best. Memorize these eight garale sale tips and your next sale might be a sell out.

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Topics: DIY Projects, Organized Lifestyle